Thursday, June 30, 2011

WIP Pinup Preacher

I've finally got the painting bug again, I hit a major roadblock with this one due to the colors on her. I had a really hard time with the pink leggings so I left her for a month and came back to her and figured out I was neglecting my midtones and all was good.

Yes, Yes I know she doesn't have her head attached but I wouldn't be able to actually paint the back of her since her hair covers half of her back.

I take WIP pictures because they help me figure out what touch ups I need to do I already see a lot of blending in the skin and leggings I need to smooth out and a few blotches that need touched up. Plus her face is very lack luster but I was more concerned about getting her glasses with out making her face a blob. Now i need to figure out what the hell i'm going to do with her eyes since the glasses are hollow and her eyes are under there.

And for those of you wondering yes this is the miniature that will be living on the base from my previous post. This little nerd will be summoning some type of Elder thing of the deep into the world.


  1. This looks fantastic!

    I have started doing WIP photos myself. My new camera takes such detailed photos that it's almost embarrassing to view them. They point out every little mistake I've made but it's SUCH a great tool to have for improvement.

  2. OOh I love it! Where did you buy the model? I've never seen her before!