Monday, September 21, 2009

Why my Boyfriend needs a blog .. part 2

His Published works:

The man already works full time sculpting awesome miniatures for Privateer press and has an amazing portfolio. I would love to see him have an actual online portfolio and a place to post tutorials. He is an amazing teacher and i think the gaming community would benefit from what knowledge he could share.

Anyways I'm sure some of you already own his work.
Here is a sample:
First the Trolls...




One of my Favs simply for his pimp daddy fur collar

Now the Jacks: I'll only post a couple here

Little Known fact that the extreme Jack was actually sculpted before Drago so a lot of the techniques that the extreme uses were also used in making Drago.

Now he has a LOT more work i could post but i really want him to post it on his own blog.


  1. That's definitely an excuse to get a blog.

    I second the tutorials. Get the man to get a blog and get him to post pics, portfolios, and tutorials.

    Also, if I were a troll, I would totally rock the pimp-daddy fur collar. I mean, you gonna tell a Troll he can't wear it? Are you?

  2. I knew he did all those, but they have a certain weight when I see all the pics together.

  3. @RC You should see all the Monsterpocalypse stuff we have. and it isn't even everything he sculpted for it as most of it hasn't been released yet.

  4. wow he is a really talented sculptor and i would follow his blog and post coments and ask questions in hopes of gaining knowedge about sculpting. plus seeing all the pictures is awesome.

  5. This guy definitely needs a place for people to go "Ooh" and "Aah" at his work - as well as steal all his techniques... :D

  6. Ha! your Jasons girlfriend.. I used to do a lot of sculpting also for PP but Im full time now doing my own thing. I admire his work!


  7. LOL yep!
    Awesome I didn't know you use to do sculpting for PP. Jason has finally agreed to do a blog with sculpting tutorials and such. You should see what he is working on now. Some crazy stuff. hopefully he will get his blog going and post it soon.