Monday, September 7, 2009

Why my boyfriend needs a blog .. part 1

I've been on an ongoing quest to get my boyfriend to have some sort of online blog or portfolio of his amazing work. He is always working on something be it work from Privateer press or something Orky for his 40k army.
So this morning while he is sleeping I snuck some photos of his 'in progress' Ork Looted Tank that he is scratch building. Now this sucker is so big we could probably play a game ON IT, it also doesn't fit in our light box and i had to snap some pictures in front of our fireplace..
Please feel free to post comments or questions here and help me try to persuade him to at least get a blog going cause I know others out there could benefit from his knowledge.


  1. Holy crap, that thing is huge. It'd make a great centrepiece objective for a special-rules mission or something.

    I highly recommend getting a blog... it helps keep me motivated, knowing that I've gotta make a post!

  2. Your boyfriend is a good model maker,

  3. he should definitely get on here - his skills look top notch. How did he do the cabling on the big lasgun thing?

  4. Holy cow, that thing is massive.

  5. That's indeed huge. He should totally start as blog.

  6. Having picked this thing up and drooled on it just the other day, it really is an amazing piece. Maybe we could get your boyfriend to blog by doing tutorials? He's a great teacher, just ask Noxenlux Chapeaux.