Friday, April 20, 2012

Kisa & Scratch - Soda Pop Miniatures

Now I've been waiting to paint this miniature since she came out only to find out that 54mm is "my" scale to paint in and she is so much smaller.   I found adjusting from a large scale to a smaller scale is difficult. I want to put all the details into the smaller scale and it just doesn't work.  I ended up painting her twice, the first time I was not happy with my colors so she got a simple green bath.  I almost stuck her in the simple green again right as I was finished but decided to let her live.  I also have her on her Cat Mech so I'll have another chance to paint her later.
I was originally going to put her in a sand scene to really play up the egyptian theme but when the time came to paint it I didn't want to paint yellows and browns so I dug out some blues, purples and even a little red for the sphere. I went with a green marble design for the slats which was actually very fun to paint.  So now it's more like she is out in space and the universe is forming around/for her instead of muckin around in the desert sand.
As always there are a few things I need to go in and fix after view the pictures but nothing serious. So even though I didn't get to paint all the details I wanted, she will still look fabulous on my miniature shelf.

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