Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summon - Kingdom Death Pinup Preacher

This is by far the most ambitious base I've attempted to make and I have to say that by the end I was very overwhelmed and just threw in the towel. I really had grand plans to do some crazy source lighting and well that didn't happen. I think I honestly made the base too large and that effects wouldn't have worked properly. I haven't sealed her yet so I can still go through and do some touch ups which i'm sure it will need after seeing these pictures. But i'm going to leave her in the display case for a bit first.
The base is made from one of those cheep miniature books you can buy at the book shop as well as a few sheets of styrene for the back pages as the real pages i cut out due to them looking like crap after I applied glue to them and couldn't get them in the position I wanted. The bookcase is made from balsa wood, books are card stock and styrene, scroll cases are aluminium tubes, and the scroll is paper.
As for the preacher I had a heck of a time getting the pinks right on her clothes she actually got a simple green bath after a few hours of noodling with paint and being very unhappy with it. I let her sit for a month before I even looked at her again I figured out what problem i was having with the pinks and it worked it self out after a couple hours of painting. once that was done the rest was cake.

She originally had another piece of loin cloth in the front and a warhammer but my smart self cleaned off my work bench and accidentally threw them away with a bunch of styrene bits.... ooops. Go Me!
Anyways I hope you enjoy!
Also extra points to those who can figure out who or what she is summoning.


  1. Awesome stuff man, and you have inspired me/given me an idea for something else completely not related to this. =)

  2. I'm not sure (it looks Cthulu-esque though) but it sure looks fabulous!! Well done!

  3. The book effect is incredible! I rather like the overall presentation, even if you didn't end up liking the executioner!

  4. Thanks so much for the kind works artemi & hurricanegril!

  5. Lovecraft symbols :) Are you fan of his work?

  6. Let me show you my project which is in progress and I unfortunatelly have not much time do it now. But you can read my concept for Chaos/Daemon inspired army for W40K :)

    Let me know what you think of that :)

  7. And dont forget to check my very 1st yet not completed model here: High Priest not to be named!