Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Dark Young

Jason's newest sculpt The Dark Young has been released today by Blackball Games.
We got our copy in the mail the other day and it looks amazing, and yes it is as huge as it looks.


  1. That is pretty awesome. Is it balanced or really top heavy?

  2. it's resin, and it's very balanced, it has pegs built into the bottom of his hooves so you can drill into the base and stick him right on it.

  3. That is very cool

    Is it about the right size for a Greater Daemon or is it too big?

  4. Honestly i have no clue I haven't actually seen a Greater Daemon model in person in years. I remember the old ones being very small I have no idea how the new ones compare.
    The Dark Young is a huge model I believe they give the dimensions on the website.