Wednesday, February 16, 2011

kingdom Death - Pinup Forsaker

I've finally finished a new piece. I seriously enjoyed painting this mini. If you want one of your own I think still has a couple in stock. They are limited edition so pick it up while you can.
Seriously this miniature is amazing, she is about 45mm tall with legs that go all the way up. This was my first time working with a resin miniature I've been painting metal minis for so long along with a few plastics here and there I really didn't know what to expect with resin. Now i've made resin things before for my own business but none of them are as small or intimidating as this little gal is.
So of course my first time around I missed a bunch of mold lines then I discovered a tiny piece of 400 grit sand paper did the trick for the most part. My metal files are so corse they really ripped up the resin. Now I'm ready for the next one.
Paints used were all vallejo along with a couple GW washes. I went with a darker tone this time around, I wanted the feeling that she spent most days outside.
I also chose a lot of natural colors -browns and greens which is outside of my normal range and I came to find out they are a lot of fun to paint.
For the base I used half of a wooden yo-yo that I found at Michaels craft store, Corse & Fine Pumice, crushed/broken seashells, random little rocks, static grass, and some corse sand flock, & plastic leaves from a cherry blossom branch.
I put a pretty thin layer of paint on the shells so their natural color would bleed through and give the rocks depth. Some more paint was added a little dry brushing and voila she is done.


  1. Yeeeees, brown... join us on the Dark Side...

  2. Really good work!!! Helps that the model is amazing to start with. =P

  3. Thanks everyone! & Drkmoral I Totally agree!

  4. Man I love this mini. The base really gives it a sense of place. Bases often just look like the place is "miniature base" to me, but this little scene really takes me somewhere fantastic. Cool work!