Sunday, July 18, 2010

Menoth Jack

So my newest finished piece is finally done! Yay! I know it's not 40k but this girl needs a break from painting little metal nuns every so often. Although this piece really isn't much of a stretch.

At this point i'm painting for enjoyment and not for building an army so i've gone through a box of minis and set aside all the ones I think will be fun to paint. Seriously I have more than an army's worth to paint at this point.

I'm not super happy with these pic as the ivory shows up a bit to yellow due for my liking due to the conversion to web jpg. Also who ever sculpted the squigglies on the shoulder pads and other do-dads SUCKS, worst job ever.. seriously I could do better than that..ok maybe not but i don't get paid to sculpt and they did. They could have at least taken the time to smooth out the groove bumps, you know those raised edges you get when you drag a needle through some clay.. yeah those.
But besides that this guy was fun to paint, a lot of nice surface area to shade and highlight, nothing at all like that evil penitent engine. At the end I didn't do a lot of touch ups that I would normally do (out-lining every piece to make sure colors are crisp) Since I could have spent about 3-5 extra hours on that alone.
The next piece i've already start on : Calico Kate from Soda Pop Miniatures.


  1. This model (among others) personifies what I like about the WM stuff over the WH40k models: instead of taking the same basic model and covering it with different iconography, each WM model actually LOOKS different, and follows a dedicated design scheme for a particular faction.

    Nicely painted, despite the sculpting flaws ;)

  2. I love the model - and your execution of the paintjob is superb.
    Since I was looking into purchasing this model (for fun), I really appreciate your hints about the sculp quality on the shoulder pads. Now I know at least what to expect :)

  3. thanks #2501 I agree WM really does have a lot of unique flavor when designing their models. It's very refreshing.

    Klaus i just check out privateer's paint job on the same jack and they pretty much ignored the squigglies [Take a peek] and looks like they put a wash on it and called it good.

  4. Excellent job on that model, I don't have it yet for my Menoth but it is at the top of my to buy list.!

  5. I love the subtle purple around its eyes and arc node. Your blending technique lends itself beautifully to such a clean model. Nicely done. Can't wait to see the soda-pop mini.

  6. Nicely done. The model looks great.

    But I still want to see the Exorcists all done :). Any progress there?

  7. So you've done a Guardian and now you're doing Calico Kate... are you deliberately painting the models I like to make me look bad? :P

    Excellent job on a very cool jack.

  8. Astro-Thumps I'm sooo bored with the exorcists right now i probably won't try to finish them (it) right now.

    losthemisphere LOL Calico Kate is almost done i should have her posted in a little bit.

  9. Looking forward to it :)
    (By the by, this is gdaybloke - blogger just likes Lost Hemisphere better)