Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old Skaven

While taking pictures yesterday I dug up what was left of my skaven army after i sold it off years ago.
There isn't much left anymore this is about half of what i have left. I did have a lot of fun painting these buggers 10 years ago.

Not much to report on my sisters yet, Most of them have made it out of the Simple Green and have been scrubbed clean. As for the rest of them i need to get a harder bristle tooth brush to clean them with. I don't know what i painted them with but it doesn't want to come off.
I also got my new little painting station set up, i just need to get a lamp for it. I have some horrible color schemes in mind for them, chartreuse is one of the colors i want to use... so yeah prepare to have your eyes burst into flame due to how bright my girls are going to be... humm maybe i should go the opposite way and do some dirty green armor. I guess i'll just have to see what happens when i take brush to mini.


  1. I was thinking about your Sister Superior conversion question. One idea is to bend the arm down or cut it off and then remount it downward. However, this is limited because the rest of the miniature will look "off" with a sword downward.

    Therefore, what about using an arm from another miniature? Another line entirely? REAPER's miniatures line ought to have at least one miniature that might have arms that look right. Outside of those suggestions, I am drawing a blank. I never purchased that miniature because I was not sure about the pose. Good luck!

  2. Isn't it odd that when you want paint to stick it will flake off in a gentle breeze, but when you want to remove it suddenly it becomes impossible to make a scratch?