Sunday, June 28, 2009

Intro Post

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I've started this blog to keep track of my Witch Hunters army. But let me back up a bit. How did i get started with this hobby? Well about 10 years ago i use to manage an awesome game shop in Seattle. We had a whole floor dedicated to Warhammer 40k & Fantasy, unlike most stores now we carried the full line of Games Workshop Miniatures. Like all of my employees as a manager i was required to learn Fantasy and 40k at the time GW was just switching over from 2nd Edition to 3rd Edition and for our little store it was a big deal. But anyways as a girl i really didn't like any of the male based armys and i'm not really into space elves at that point i had seen way to many power gamers. So naturally i decided on a SoB army. If you are wondering for Fantasy i had a killer Skaven army, unfortuanatly a few years back when I hit rough times I sold most of my big pieces including my white rat ogre named "Fluffy". *sniff* But at least i got to pay bills and eat for that month, so it was worth it I suppose.
So after my store hit rough times in 2001 and closed down my Sob army was packed away and not seen again until this year. I finally have a group of friends who actually want to play, my boyfriend Jason has finally put together an army after 20 years of collecting different GW miniatures simply because he loves the modeling aspect of the hobby. I also have time to enjoy the hobby part of this game now, i'm no longer rushed to put together an army for my job and can actually enjoy painting my miniatures instead of slopping on some paint and calling it good.
Even after not painting a miniature for 8 years my skills as a painter have increased quit a bit. i'm not sure if it's due to patience or just the amount of tutorials and information for painters that is available now.
So now that this intro is out of the way lets have some pictures right? Ok so these tanks were not painted by me they were painted by my good friend Alfonzo at the time he had a kick ass IG army and made amazing terrain, some of which i still have. Well tanks were never my thing so i bought a couple boxes of Immolators and handed them off to him to assemble and paint for me.
I absolutely love these tanks and they are the inspiration for my army. So you are sure to see more white & red Sob models.

Immolator 1:

Immolator 2:

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